The John McClane Drinking Game

Die Hard

Die Hard movie poster

So I’ve been battling the flu and it’s raining out, which means it’s perfect movie weather.  As I started to regain my strength today, I realized a few good brews might make the afternoon a little more fun.  And if you know me, you know I have a tendency to make drinking games out of my favorite movies.  It had been awhile since I’d watched them (and I missed the AMC marathon last week) so I decided it was time to pull out the Die Hard series.

First of all, if you haven’t seen all four Die Hards, you’re un-American – plain and simple.  But assuming you have seen these Bruce Willis gems, you’re about to find a way to enjoy them even more.  Last year, my housemate and I decided it was time John McClane had his own drinking game, and I’ve decided to share it with the world.

*Clarification – This game is compatible with Die Hard 1-4.  Also, it’s not a good idea to try to watch the movies back to back while playing this game. Just playing the game to one of the movies will do enough damage.

Drinking Game Rules

1. Whenever John McClane takes a drink, you take a drink.

Pretty standard for any drinking game about a movie, and it happens very rarely.  But don’t worry, we’re just getting started.

2. Whenever John McClane makes a smart-ass comment, you take a drink.

With this rule alone you’ll most likely go through about three beers.  Almost everything that comes out of John McClane’s mouth is a wisecrack in these movies, and I couldn’t love it more.

3. Whenever John McClane yells/grunts/maniacally laughs, you take a drink.

At this point you’ll probably need a six pack for yourself.  Almost anytime he blows something up, offs a bad guy, or has a near death experience, you’re sure to hear McClane utter some sort of nearly inhuman sound.

4. For each unnecessary bullet John McClane puts in a bad guy, you take a drink.

We like to call this one the “Overkill Rule.”  Almost every time McClane kills someone, he deems it necessary to shoot the guy seven or eight times when once or twice would be more than enough.  So for each extra shot McClane hits a baddie with, you take an extra drink.

5. When McClane utters the famous “Yippee-ki-yay mother f*****” line, you chug a full beer.

This can also be substituted with a shot (or if you’re feeling really adventurous take the shot and chase with the rest of your beer).  After all, it’s arguably the greatest one-liner in film history.

By the end of the movie, there’s a good chance you’ll be thoroughly intoxicated, so be safe when playing.  Finally, one of the greatest action icons of our time has a bad-ass drinking game to match.  So grab some friends, put it up on the big screen, and enjoy!


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